What is Creative Strategy?

Prior to a new freelance engagement, a creative director asked me to define Creative Strategy. There is no simple answer. Creative strategists are strange hybrids, straddling both the strategic needs of a business and the creative mediums that speak to a company’s end customer. Yet, what kind of a creative strategist would I be if I did not attempt an answer?

What is Marketing Strategy? Why Does it Come First?

A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve an overall objective. If you are a business, then you are in the business of selling a product or a service. Yet, all businesses face a universal problem —…

I’ve worked for other people for the last seven years. In that span of time, I’ve seen great and poor companies, had wonderful and horrible management, and generally learned a ton. I fell into entrepreneurship three months ago, a weird combination of my own aptitudes, attitudes, and good fortune. I’ve earned about $5,000 in two months and built a growing pipeline of potential clients.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about entrepreneurship so far.

It’s Easier Than You Think to Get Started

A major perk of being your own boss, you choose where and when you work.

The mental obstacles we hold in front of ourselves — the fears of the unknown, the what…

All you need to start a business is a business checking account, an Employer Identification Number from the IRS, and something to sell. Simple written out. Complex in practice.

Fear and anxiety live in our obscure unknowns, holding us back from a litany of future possibilities. We feel like a fraud. Who are we to try something new? What if we fail? How do we move forward from here? Add the personal pressures of financial stability, social isolation, and family life, and starting something new can feel like climbing a mountain naked.

Every time I feel the gnawing creep of…

In a rapidly changing world, adaptability in the face of adverse events is crucial. Mindfulness offers a proven approach to overcome life’s many unexpected challenges.

  • Understanding what you can and control
  • Using mindfulness to assess realities
  • Moving forward with “Now What?”

If you had told me last year what 2020 would bring, I wouldn’t have believed you. A global pandemic, a stock market crash then boom, tragic death on an incomprehensible scale, and a fundamental shift of everyday social rituals, some of which will never return. …

A woman heaves her Louis Vuitton suitcase onto the luggage conveyer belt, then fumbles to remove a pair of lace-up designer boots while hundreds of people in the airport security line eye her venomously. An overweight man with a sweaty brow bluntly informs you that his plane is late, so he’s going to cut the line. A mother screams at a Chili’s waiter because her eggs are overcooked while her kids terrorize everyone else in the restaurant. Welcome to the airport. This is your survival guide.

Survival Tip 1: Research Builds Runway

South Park Business Meeting

People judge you by the way you talk. In business, the way we speak is often how others determine if we are part of the club or not. There’s a language of business, and it changes depending on the industry we find ourselves in.

Meaningless strings of corporate jargon have produced an untold number of eye-rolls in the business world. From “authentic consumer-led storytelling” to “brand love” to “needing to dive deeper in order to drill down and move the needle”, business cliches have blessed meetings and emails since men and women first donned suits and sat behind a desk…

It’s an exciting time to be in the media industry. This month, Epic games, makers of the immensely popular game Fortnite, released an update allowing mobile players to conduct purchases directly in Fortnite rather than through the Apple or Google app stores. In a public blog post, the game maker said consumers would get a currency discount by using their in-game store rather than the Apple or Google app stores.

Hours later, both Google and Apple removed Fortnite from their app stores, claiming Epic games violated their terms of service by allowing players to circumvent their payment system. For any…

When is the last time you bought a CD or album? How about a DVD? A TV boxset? A video game? 10 short years ago, friends and family would gather around their entertainment libraries to pick out a movie to watch. Music was downloaded onto iPods or Zunes (remember those?!). Video game cartridges were put into consoles. DVDs were bought, borrowed, and rented to fill a consumer entertainment stands.

Today hardly anyone buys entertainment, opting to subscribe to bundled services instead. Subscriptions have killed the home entertainment industry, and no one is talking about it. It’s the type of slow…

Trump CPAC Conference 2020

Nationalism and Patriotism are too often used interchangeably in today’s taut political discourse. They are distinct politic philosophies despite Nationalism’s tendency to masquerade in the nobler ideals of Patriotism. A Nationalist wrapped in an American flag is not a Patriot.

My recent travels through the American southwest, from Los Angeles to Texas to Oklahoma and back, brought these differences into stark clarity. Given the nature of our politics right now, individual states feel more like individual countries than a single union. …

Wes Morton

Wes Morton is a freelance creative, writer, and producer with 8 years experience in the entertainment industry. For more visit https://www.wesmorton.com/

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